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Looking for SEO services that work and don’t break the bank? I’m a Toronto, Canada based SEO Consultant and I can help you! Click the button below for a free SEO consultation session with me.

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SEO Consultant – Shivani Karwal

Hi I’m Shivani Karwal, a freelance SEO Consultant based in Toronto, Canada. I have over 8 years of SEO experience and have worked on over 100 projects. Over the years I’ve worked on clients of all sizes and industries and can help you too! Get in touch with me today and I’ll provide you with a free detailed SEO assessment of your site and 30 min. consultation. You can read more about me and my SEO journey here.

I’d love to discuss more on what you’re looking for and how I can help you. You can click the link below to set up a call with me.

SEO Services Offered


Keyword Research

Highly detailed keyword research to help you target high value searches.

On-Page SEO

Effective on-site keyword placement to rank for targeted keywords.


Technical SEO

Technical SEO implementation including SEO friendly site structure, Robots.txt, XML sitemap and more.


SEO Audit

Detailed audit uncovering SEO errors and areas of improvement, leading to an SEO strategy.


Link Building

High quality backlinking to bring in referral traffic and send positive signals to search engines.


Local SEO

Targeting local keywords to appear in local searches and local pack and map rankings.

Client Reviews

  • John Ceban

    Shivani started working on my website SEO just a month ago and I already have amazing results. She has done more in a month then my previous SEO guy did in a year. I spent three times more money on the previous specialist and still he wasn't able to achieve what Shivani has done. I finally feel my website is in good hands.

  • Prasanna Jeyakumar

    Shivani is a true SEO expert and we had a great experience working with her. She's incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to SEO and a pleasure to work with! She's also a great SEO trainer and her corporate training for our teams here has been very beneficial.

  • Kevin S

    Shivani is an amazing SEO consultant. Her professionalism and direct approach means no sugar coating, just hard work and excellent results. If you're looking for someone to help you strategize, or do some white hat SEO work for you, Shivani is your go to.

  • Steniel Sy

    Shivani is the real deal when it comes to SEO. With her expertise we've achieved a 75% growth in organic traffic in the past 6 months and we are incredibly impressed!

  • Alex Hochberger

    Shivani is a talented individual who pays attention to details and in the world of SEO, where getting the details right matters, she cleaned up years of neglect in a matter of months. She consistently delivered great results, week after week, month after month, always growing.

Client Results

Client Experiences 582% Increase in SEO Traffic

Captured a significant amount of rankings for high value keywords in the top 3 positions.

From 0 to 300+ Keywords in the Top 3 Positions

SEO traffic for the site increased significantly after capturing top ranks for targeted keywords.

SEO Consulting FAQ’S

Why should I hire an SEO consultant vs an SEO agency or an in-house employee?

Whether you’re hiring an SEO Consultant or an agency, make sure they’re well experienced in SEO and a true SEO expert.

  • An SEO Consultant for one doesn’t come with the hefty price tag an agency or in-house employee does.
  • I also don’t bound clients in contracts as I’m confident of my work. Agencies will lock you in 6 month of 1 year contracts and in-house employees will have work contracts wherein you’ll have to pay severance before parting ways.
  • Agencies usually have employees working on anywhere from 8-20 clients a month. I run a boutique style consultancy wherein I work on a handful of clients only to maintain quality.
  • With an in-house employee, you’ll need a minimum of two employees – one for SEO and one for content writing, doubling the costs. I have my own content writer and factor in the costs in your pricing package.
  • With in-house employees come various additional expenses such as vacation pay, healthcare benefits, bonuses, severance, work equipment, SEO tools etc. which are not there in the case of a freelance SEO consultant.

The bottom line is that I can provide my expertise at affordable rates, without messy contracts or other additional expenses.

 What SEO services do you offer?

I offer the full range of SEO services. Broad categories can be seen here.

Do you bound clients in contracts?

No. I’m confident of my work and don’t feel the need to lock clients in lengthy contracts. All services are on a month to month basis.

What type of SEO success have you had?

I’ve worked with numerous companies from large billion dollar corporations to local storefronts, all in various industries such as telecom, financial, health and medical, real estate and more. Each project has had its own angle and SEO issues and gaps to start with, all which I’ve overcome. I’ve worked at numerous Toronto based SEO agencies as well as in companies as in-house SEO Manager and now as a freelancer. All my roles in the industry have been fruitful, each with their own unique SEO success story.

How long will it take to get results?

You can start seeing the first movements of SEO work in as little as 4-5 weeks upon implementation. For significant changes to take place, it can take from 3 to 8 months.

Do you outsource services?

No, services are not outsourced. All services besides content writing are performed by me with my expertise.

What is your pricing and how does it work?

SEO pricing works on a monthly fee based on a variety of factors such as the services to be implemented, the SEO level we’re starting off with, competitiveness of keywords to be targeted, number of articles being published for content marketing, whether there are any major SEO penalties or deficiencies to take care of etc. I can provide details after our initial consultation call after assessing what your site needs to rank well.

Is there any SEO reporting included as well?

Yes, you will receive a monthly report with details on traffic and rank increases and work done.

Do you adhere to search engine webmaster guidelines?

Yes, 100%. I do not perform any shady black hat SEO tactics. All work done is quality work adhering to search engine guidelines. In the past 8 years I’ve never had a client suffer an algorithm penalty as a result of my work.

209 Fort York Blvd. Toronto, ON, M5V 4A1 Canada

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