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What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is the first and foremost step of SEO and the base of on-page SEO. All search engine optimization efforts are based on keywords chosen to target ranking for. These keywords are based on research considering what phrases and words users are searching in search engines. The keywords chosen are the ones you want to rank for when people search for them. So they’re selected based on relevance to your business and also search volumes and competition levels. keyword-research-services-toronto

Why is Keyword Research Important?

Keyword research is important because it helps target keywords of value. If you optimize for keywords without research, you might end up trying to rank for keywords with high competition, only to not be able to rank for them at all or target keywords with low search volume when there are better alternatives out there and end up receiving little traffic or target keywords that are not super relevant, resulting in users bouncing right out of your site. So keywords need to be chosen with detailed research and analysis. Effective keyword research helps bring in highly relevant traffic that’s sticky and converts better.

How I Help With Keyword Research:

I’ve performed keyword research for numerous clients of all sizes and from various industries and targeted them for sites of various authorities and can do the same for you. I perform highly detailed keyword research to uncover valuable keywords to target for a variety of purposes such as your main target keywords, secondary keywords, for local SEO and local pages, articles for blog content and more. In addition to finding keywords, I also prioritize them to target high value ones first, categorize them based on user intent and your business goals, look into keywords competitors are targeting, monitor the ranking performance of keywords and look into new opportunities and content gaps on an ongoing basis.

Keyword Research Process:

I use multiple advance SEO tools to conduct keyword research. I start off with a list of your seed keywords based on the products/services you provide. This helps uncover a wide variety of keywords to choose from to target. I also look into the keywords you’re currently targeting to analyze whether they can be replaced with higher value keywords. I also look into keywords your competitors are ranking for. After finding an extensive list of keyword options, the keywords discovered are then analyzed and sorted based on global/national/local search volumes, competition levels, search intent, business goals etc. It’s incredibly important that keyword research is done with care, proper analysis and strategy and the right tools as keywords are the foundation of SEO and can make or break a campaign.

Looking for Keyword Research Services?

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