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What is Link Building?

Link building falls under off-page SEO and takes place on external sites instead of on your own site, hence the name off-page SEO and it involves having other external sites point to links pages on your site. Google sees these links pointing to your site as a signal that your site content is worthy of being linked to and also looks at the link anchor texts used and which pages on your site are being linked to. Good backlinks are one of the most important Google ranking factors.Link-Building-Services-toronto

How I Help With Your Link Building:

Link building involves building backlinks to your site either by submitting your link, which is at your discretion or by requesting other sites to link to you which involves relationship building and outreach. I build links using white hat SEO methods only and from high authority sites with a wide variety of anchor texts to help target keywords, send link signals to Google, bring in referral traffic and ultimately, improve rankings.

I conduct email outreach for you from scratch by prospecting and manually contacting sites of interest with customized emails that work. All content is written in-house by my writers. The websites contacted for links are high authority only and go through a multiple step check to ensure they’re authoritative, high quality, relevant.

Some of My Link Building Methods:

I build backlinks through a wide variety of white hat methods, some of which are:

  • Resource link building
  • Claiming unlinked brand mentions
  • Guest posting
  • Media interviews, mentions, quotes
  • Forum commenting
  • Q and A site participation
  • Competitor backlink analysis
  • High authority directories and profiles and submission sites

Link Audits and Disavows:

I also conduct highly detailed link audits to check for any spammy backlinks that may need to be disavowed. This helps remove any black hat SEO links that have caused current penalties or may be a problem in the future.

Looking for Link Building Services?

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