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What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is incredibly important if you serve a specific location as it allows you to show up in searches for location based keywords and for searches conducted near you by prospective customers.

Local SEO involves applying SEO techniques to rank in local search results that provide relevant results to users based on their location and rank for location-specific keywords. For example, if a user located in Toronto searches for the term ‘ice cream shops’ and gets ice cream shops located in the UK as results, it wouldn’t be useful at all right? Local SEO makes sure users get results relevant to their location.local-seo-services-toronto

Why is Local SEO Important and is it For You?

Local SEO is key for businesses with a physical location and those targeting a particular geographical region. If your business has a physical location, local SEO can help you:

  • Rank for location-based keywords
  • Rank in search results for searches being conducted near and in your location and make you visible to searchers in your area
  • Rank better in the local versions of search engines

Local SEO practices are important for businesses that have a fixed physical location or multiple locations. It allows you to be visible to local customers in local search results and appear in map results as well which is important because it shows your location and contact information and is visible to people looking for your business while they’re out and about. Local SEO is powerful because it not only allows you to rank in the organic listing results, but also the local pack and map listings as well.

How I Can Help With  My Local SEO Services

To help rank your site better in locally, efforts are made in the following areas:

Google My Business Page

My local SEO services include setting up and optimizing your GMB profile to show up in local searches, managing listings by keeping key information up to date, making timely edits, closing down listings, review outreach and more. Having a Google My Business profile is key as it allows you to show up in the local map pack and provide your customers with key information fast such as your address, hours, website etc. Local searchers are then a lot more likely to find you and visit your storefront or inquire about your products/services.local-seo-services

Citation Building

A mention of your NAP – Name Address and Phone Number is what makes up a citation. Similar to link building, citation building is done by building citations on external sites. These citations send local SEO signals to Google and also act as a source for Google on information accuracy for your business and ultimately, help in rankings. It’s incredibly important that these citations are built with extreme accuracy as even minor inconsistencies are seen as errors which is something I give great importance to while building these for you.

Reviews on Local Profiles

Reviews on Google My Business as well as other important local profile sites such as Yelp, Yellow Pages etc, help in not only better rankings but also customer acquisition. I can help with customer outreach for getting these reviews for you.

Local Content Optimization With Local Keywords

I help uncover location based and locally searched keywords through keyword research. I then create content to effectively target those keywords and rank for them.

Location Pages

If your business serves various locations, I can create individual location pages for each location to effectively target searches in those locations as well as for keywords for those locations.

Links from Local Sites

Link building is an incredibly important Google ranking factor. To send Google local signals, I ensure links are built from local websites to confirm authority in your region of business.

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